Maycherrie's wilted garden †

It's just a S P A R K but
it's enough to keep me
G O I N G ♫

Who is this girl? ←
She's Mayte and is mexican, she has the body like 16 year old chick, the mind of 30 year old woman, and the heart of
a 5 year old girl. She likes singing all time, read, draw and tattoos. She can't dance but she cooks cupcakes. She's rude, weird, and creative but ingenious. She loves Paramore, architecture, art cinema, interior design, hidden beauty and deers.
Her hair is like a chameleon, and her eyes are like two fudge balls. Yep. She talks a lot ♡


I Could Fall In Love | SELENA

happy birthday bby girl <3

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